It’s a “waiting game” when you have cancer…



When you hear the diagnosis, you’re in shock.  Then you start having those conversations with family and good friends. You wait for your oncology appointment and fill out the first of many health forms.  We were lucky, we got seen in a week-the waiting was nerve-wracking.  We were seen in a week-there was a cancellation!  The nurse says it’s usually 10 days-3 weeks!  Ahh!

Then the waiting game begins.  While waiting, you go down the “What if…” road…

I’m the wife of the cancer patient.  I can’t help but feel helpless! Chemo was 4 weeks later…It didn’t work, now immunotherapy but, of course, we had to wait 2 weeks and now, his 3rd round is next week.  3 weeks between rounds.

then, we wait…again.

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