What to do with feedback?

Not all of us take feedback well.  Or give constructive “criticism” in a helpful manner.  Just the term “constructive CRITICISM is loaded with feelings of dread or may trigger defensiveness or depression…”I can’t do anything right!”

Jack Canfield in “The Success Principles” talks about failure or success being feedback.  Failure, you learn what not to do and how to tweak it and see that result.  Success means keep doing what you’re doing…BUT sometimes, we want bigger successes, and we tamper with it and may make it worse-“don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”…Maybe changing that little bit and taking the risk of failure sometimes yields the greatest rewards!

When you get feedback, positive or negative

  1. Consider the source.  Do they honestly know what they’re talking about.
  2. 2.Get more than one opinion.  Now, if 3-4 are saying the same thing, it might warrant closer examination.

I know if I hear the same feedback from several different sources…I have to analyze it and ask myself-is there a kernel of truth to this?

It could be positive feedback-|You have a great “presence” about you…You must ask yourself-am I poised?  Am I calm under pressure?

I find that the potentially negative ones are often my blind spots.  “You always are defensive”.  As “no, I’m not” springs to lips…hmm, maybe there’s something to that!

Feedback is neither positive nor negative.  It’s just feedback!


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