“Turning Point” by Magician/Business Guru was my turning point!

I first met Marshall Sylver at Guerrilla Business School, billed as “an MBA on steroids!” It was intense and fun!  He was pure entertainment and hypnotised some of the students.  No, no one clucked like a chicken!

Then, the next day, he spoke about trances as subconscious behaviors, like driving home but only remembering the beginning and the arriving at the destination…Being on “autopilot” is a form of trance.  Of course, he had an event called “Turning Point” where he would go in more depth how these principles govern your behavior in business!

I signed up, of course.  I’m a life-long learner and a self-confessed, “Seminar Junkie!”

Finally, after my illness, then,hurt my back…I arranged to go to Las Vegas and stay with one of my seminar pals.  We’ve become besties and have been roommates five or six times!

It was great.  Why not be in a trance that you’re a strong leader or just feel positive, have a can-do attitude and get things done!

It was the shot in the arm I needed.  Still carving out time from dealing with my husband’s Cancer, but I manage to be there  for my clients 100% and work on my second book.

You can purchase my book on Transitions and the Transition Cycle in 3 easy stages Go to www.midlifetransitioncoaching.com and it’s only 10 bucks with shipping included!  Save $7 and 50% of sales will be donated to CancerSupportFoundation.org, an all-volunteer responsible for providing  wellness packages to anyone diagnosed.

So, what is/was your “Turning Point?”

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