Why join a Mastermind?

I’m flying out tomorrow for a week-long Mastermind.  Why do this?  Imagine having 14-25 other like-minded entrepreneurs as your own personal Board of Directors-dedicated to helping grow your business and help solve one of the problems you may encounter.And you are this sounding board and “Board of Directors” for them.  It’s a great feeling to brainstorm ideas to help one another.  Very powerful.  I get to participate in this process all week!

Napoleon Hill, in “Think & Grow Rich” described the mastermind concept as when 2 or more individuals come together for the same purpose.  This expert studied successful men, it was in the thirties…He determined that those who participated in a Mastermind plus other aspects outlined in his book were more successful businessmen/entrepreneurs.

He, himself, was in a Mastermind with leading entrepreneurs of his day. Andrew Carnegie of US Steel and Charles Schwab were in Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind.

Think 2 heads are better than one…or the whole is greater than the sum of its parts…This describes the “think-tank” that is a Mastermind group.  Success Resources sponsors this Global Mastermind and about 27 people are converging on Martha’s Vineyard.  We always go to nice places only three times a year + a weekly call and an active Facebook group.  You can meet anywhere-your local coffee shop or someone’s conference room.

I’ve created a completely virtual one.  Check it out at http://www.momentummastermindgroups.com

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