The Transition Cycle & Cancer

I’ve been going on appointments to hospital for preparation for chemo for my husband.  When I’m not being positive, upbeat and cheery-I’m a wreck.  Bladder Cancer Awareness Network, has a wealth of knowledge!  It’s where we found the urologic oncologist and the medical oncologist

My confusion isn’t so muddled,last week…More preparatory tests and another Dr’s. appointment and then, maybe, chemo?

I had lots of down time waiting for the patient.

So I thought of The Transition Cycle I created in my book.

I am the “poster child” for transitions!  I’ve changed jobs, careers, got married, divorced and married again eight years later, lost my mom to Alzheimer’s and some good friends to Cancer & AIDS.  I also started a business and moved to a “virtual world” and coach by phone or video conferencing.

Now, boom!  My husband was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer! The Transition Cycle begins once more…

Step One  is the Catalyst Phase- something happens.( the diagnosis)  How you handle the change is the transition process.  It is a process.  The book,”Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!” has more information on The Transition Cycle and what you can do to make a smooth transition   For a free chapter, go to 


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