Networking-Is it a thing of the past?

The concept of talking face to face can’t be beat.  Whether it be around the water cooler or online through Social media,human beings want to connect.  The popularity of Meetups proves that.

When I go to “traditional”networking events-they usually involve a meal-no, I’m not starving!  I just think “breaking bread” together breaks the ice.  I like gatherings of mostly women, most of whom, are entrepreneurs and they are my target market.

I then, further the relationship by following up on Facebook or LinkedIn or email or, (gasp!) call them.  I usually follow first by electronic means first and suggest a “Virtual coffee” using SKYPE or Zoom.  If  we discover we can be good referral partners, is, herself, a prospective client or Joint Venture Partner or a budding friendship, it might make sense to further the conversation in person or schedule a complimentary Live Your Life With Passion and Purpose Discovery session.  One of my mentors says “the fortune’s in the follow up”.

I recently discovered a successful women who has a Customer Relationship Management system, (CRM) who does nothing with the business cards of those she met!!  They are in the bottom of her purse.

Follow up, deepen the connection, it’s definitely worth it.

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