Connecting Heart to Heart…Chicks Connect

Last week, I went to Portland, Oregon and much chillier weather than in Baltimore!  Why did I travel for 3 days?  Simple-it was the 2017 Dream Big

CCIC (Chicks Connect Inspiration Conference) We had 2 days to really connect heart to heart, creating a synergy with like-minded (mostly women  and a few men) from 55 chapters all over the country-Oregon, Arizona, Idaho,and ,of course, me from Baltimore, Maryland to name a few.

Yes, “networking” took place but it was more than just a business card exchange. We actually wanted to have a conversation about things other than business, the business card thing was an afterthought.  Chicks Connect is dedicated to community, fun and is a global Mastermind where professional and personal development is emphasized.  All the speakers brought information and humor designed to further our learning and growing.

Check out the Membership details and where they are as well as online chapters.  You can attend any chapter once you’re a member!


I am starting and growing the Baltimore, Maryland chapter, Next Level Chicks.  I joined but only did online and now taking point on starting a chapter.  The sister Chicks I met both online as well as face to face-my support community.  Everyone should have a community of like-minded peers.

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