Author 101- you gotta go!

This was the result of Author 101 University in October 2016.  I needed the kick in the pants and took down a boatload of information on publishing, structuring your book, meeting with Literary Agents, Editors and much more!  I reconnected with Ken Rochon & my book was back from printers’ before Christmas!  “Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!” can be purchased at

So, I went to Author 101 University again in April.  Just returned late Sunday night and have 19 pages-front and back of great information !  I now got to hear it through Author’s ears and, of course, picked up lots of new things!:)  I signed up for Oct. 2017 again.  No, I’m going to be working on my 2nd book!

If you’ve ever thought of writing a book,fiction or non-fiction,  go to Author 101University!

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