3 Success Tips to Live By!


Success can be confusing-we all want it, but…I want to be like my pets, relaxing when they want and not worrying about anything!

I am currently reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. These are ideas that are so obvious but incredibly valuable!


  1.  Take 100% responsibility for what you do, say…The results you do or do not achieve.
  2. Well, of course, you say.  But that means no blaming or rationalizations or whining & complaining-no one else or an outside cause for where you are.
  3. For myself, I allowed my illness and disability to stop me from doing what needs to happen..  As he says “results don’t lie!”  Ouch!  And it’s true.


Know why you’re here. What is your purpose?  Mine is to inspire others to take action and inspire others through education, coaching and speaking as well as writing.  This makes an impact and helps others live more fully.

If you know why you’re on the planet and you do that, you’ll live on purpose and enjoy what you do…even if it’s hard!  Having a big Why pulls you through when you hit roadblocks and is the reason you overcome adversity!


Decide what you want.  We often, don’t really think about this.  How do know when you get there that you’ve satisfied that want.  I want to be wildly successful, not there, yet.  And my big WHY is to have the lifestyle that I can employ my husband, have a more intimate, stronger relationship.  We can travel more, go tandem bicycling and do whatever we want.  I can give more to the causes I believe in…the environment, a cure for Alzheimer’s,poverty- feeding the hungry-food banks and supporting human and animal rights…

You get to choose for all 3 tenets to live by.  What are yours?

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