How to handle mistakes-even BIG ones like the Oscars!

I’ve been transitioning from a sick person to a healthy one! 🙂

You may have missed my insightful banter, I am now an author of a book!  not eBook, this one of those you hold in your

And a few chapters in some anthologies and such…


But my purpose for today’s post was inspired by the awful mix-up at The Academy Awards!  Most everybody knows what I’m talking about!

It started me thinking about when we make a mistake.  What do we do? I made a huge mistake?

I had 25 posters made of an event-proofed it beforehand…a bill and the posters arrived.  First thing I noticed- no date that event will be held!

I could have gone to my Director and said “oh no”  what we will we do now?  WRONG!

*Whenever you make a mistake rather than dump it in your boss’ lap…Instead, tell them the problem AND suggest a solution or implement your solution and you may tell your boss after.

In my case, I told of the problem and the solution as there were finances involved and I needed her to approve.

The bad posters were “repurposed” to make our own signs and ordered 25 more signs including the date of the event!

*What if you made a mistake in your business?  Any program/workshop/event that you do, you are the employee as well as the boss, if you are a solopreneur. like me.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What went right?
  2.  What didn’t go right,not wrong-that can be very depressing!  Most people are the worst self-critic.  You’ll hear that little voice-“you can’t do anything right”…You’re always a failure…and that “Negativity Chorus” drones on and on…Stop!  Thank you (those negative voices) for sharing and move on!
  3.  What will I do differently?  (What have I learned and course-correct)

That learning will help you the next time.

What have you learned from your mistakes?


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