Thank Heavens, it’s a new year!

Marcia Merrill Book Cover (1)

December 2016 wasn’t my favorite time.  It was good-my book is published, printed and ready for sale!

For some reason I can’t get the graphic!  Kinda typical of my December!  When I was dealing with the transition of my ideas into a book.  Was really sick with, what I first thought, was a bad cold, but now know was the *!!!* flu! 🙂  It flattened me-causing to get behind in my blog, the holidays and card-writing and all work plans.  Luckily, my coaching clients had slacked for the Holiday season.

Now, it’s January & time to set SMART goals.

#1 Write at least twice a week!  My blog is very important to me!

What’s your number 1 goal?

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