What impact do you want to make? Transition from one to the world.

When I think of making an impact, I think about helping/guiding my coaching clients to succeed.  But, having had two full days of Ken MacArthur’s The Impact Event, I’ve come to think on a global scale.  I want to do more speaking.  That alone will impact more lives.  From this event-you’re networking with like-minded individuals, many Millionaires who are speakers as well as attendees, I am going to be on a radio show, that has an impact.  It’s like the butterfly effect, where a butterfly starts flying in China and the impact can be felt in the wind currents clear on other side of the world.

My big dream is to be an International speaker, traveling all over sharing my message that you want to Fall in Love with their Life/work,(in THAT order!)  Imagine what that simple concept would do…no office politics, grapevine rumors, people not feeling trapped in 9-5 grind.  If the rule was-love what you do…People might feel more encouraged to start that new company.  World peace would be a reality-no wars!  More happiness and we all need to be happy.

The Impact Event spurred me to really think and take stock of what impact you want to create in the world?

What impact do you want to make in the world?  Who had an impact on your life?


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