The Transition from to Solopreneur- Tips to consider…



I am a solo-entrepreneur.  It’s just and my extremely hourly Virtual Assistant.  My dog and cat are my co-workers and they only purr, knock my papers off my desk or bark.  Cute & I love them to pieces, but not a great help brainstorming.  Working alone can be great-no interruptions or watercooler chat … but there’s interruptions or chatting.

There’s Facebook-where you feel like you’re a part of things.  Facebook is a time suck.  An entrepreneur has no boss policing them.big-boss-litle-employee  You have to police yourself!  I learned from LinkedIn -it’s for professionals…it still is so easy to lose track of time and time is our most precious commodity.  You can’t give me some hours or trade a Saturday for 2 Tuesdays-time doesn’t work like that….web

I was talking with a friend who found that keeping to a schedule helps structure the day.  I have Marketing Mondays, maybe 1-2 clients in the evening.  Tues, Wed & Thurs are for clients-following up, if I am working on a client’s resume or business plan, I know what days I can do that.

Fridays are my Business Development Days.  I work on how to grow my business.  What systems do I need to implement? Who do I need to reach out to?  For example, I have a Holiday Special- 90 minute Breakthrough session – $297 I’m contact my former clients it can be a Check up appointment, too.I have been gathering new skills and experiences and know we can have a Breakthrough-solving problems that affect you now and how we can work together on it…What can you offer?  A realtor offered fresh baked Holiday cookies with any staging. A Marketing Coach friend offers her Holiday Marketing Makeover at a discounted investment.

Are you working on your Business?

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