The Impact Event is coming…

HandshakeI’m so excited a great conference is happening in Baltimore, Maryland next Mon-Wed.  Dec-5-7… tells you all the details.  Ken MacArthur is our host and creator of the conference.  He;s been creating big events for ten years. is about creating an impact in your community and your world.  My publisher. Ken Rochon Of Perfect Publishing and The Umbrella Syndicate look on Facebook!  Ken is a Connector! He’s the partner with Al Granger in the publishing venture.

My book, “Turning Midlife to the RIGHT Life! A Comforting Guide to successfully Navigating Life’s Changes-it’ll be on my website at . My book is just one of books they publish and they’re in Baltimore, but attend events all over! But, the connections… or as Ken says-Kennections!

This could be an immense opportunity to get my book out there and anticipated! It’ll be out for the holidays-great for many.  Midlife is a state of mind, That’s my second book.  I also want to see how I can help them create a bigger impact.  Making a difference in the world through my speaking, individual coaching as well as my writing is all part of my mission. There is a Feature movie and a documentary on impact and that will make a huge difference and I want to be a part of it!

If you’re interested and want to make a bigger impact…you know where you need to be.  Come say Hi!  See you there!

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