Chicks of Charm Ciy meets Thurs. Dec 1st 7pm-Evergreen

chicks-logoOur Chicemployees at copy machineks of Charm City aka Baltimore, Maryland is Dec. 1st at 7 pm at Evergreen, 501 W. Cold Spring Lane.  All are welcome!  Yes, there are male chicks, not just for women!  They have Chicks groups all over!  But, the one, I’m Chair Chick for is the Maryland one.

I kinda had leadership thrust on me.  I was a Co-Chair, but my Co left and here I am!

Made me reflect on leaders and how they show up.

Some leaders are dictators, “my way or the highway…” That’s justHandshake not me or the Chicks way.  We stand for fellowship and networking and helping each other through mutual support and being a mastermind.  Putting all our experiences to be of mutual support and ideas-generated to grow each others’ business or life!

It’s a great concept and “brainchild” of the founder, Julie Muller.  It really is a movement.  There are numerous benefits to joining.  Come to the meeting Thurs,Dec. 1st and learn-we also laugh and have fun!

Leaders can be quiet, too.  I can be rah-rah, but I lead by example and hope to share that role with others.  I’m all about involving everyone!

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