Thanksgiving songs, yes there are some!

thanksgivingI could not think of a single song for Thanksgiving!  Closest was Roll around the house tonight-sung to Rock Around the House!  I’ll spare you the rest!  So, I went to a wise source…Okay, I googled it!  Lo and behold, it had a list!

The first one, I laughed at “Food Glorious Food?” from Oliver!.  How ap propos!  Okay, not sure…appropriate!

Followed by the greed song in Willy Wonka -the one with Gene Wilder, of course!where the little girl, Violet, turns into a blueberry!  My inclusion!

“Count Your Blessings”-the old Bing Crosby standard.

The hymn which truly epitomizes Thanksgiving, “We Gather Together.”

In a different vein, Adam Sandler’s hilarious, “Thanksgiving Song”

And for our dose of schmaltz, but, I love it, too!  “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music


And I tell all my clients that this time, as well as all the time, keep a Gratitude Journal.  Write down 3 things you’re grateful for each day!  It could be birds singing or crisp apples, family or a roof over our heads.  It can be the simplest thing.  Also, write down all the people you’re thankful for having in your life!  Say thank you to each & why!  Thanks to all my readers who let me share my thoughts and send your comments!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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