NLP-What is it, anyway? Part Three

NLP is a hybrid of science-how the brain works and psychology, the mind…

brain-graphicPattern interrupt is an NLP staple.  It is used as a way of getting the client out of the story around the problem and disassociate from the problem.  This emphasizes that what happened in the past isn’t the focus.  The focus how is this a problem for you now?  Asking clarifying questions to be very clear on the problem may elicit a story.  People can be extremely attached to their story and it may be hard to pry them loose!

Being so attached to your story can result in having blinders on and dismissing anything that’s a possible solution to the problem the client has identified.

A question that comes up immediately is why are they holding on to the story that they can’t be helped?  What’s the payoff to not solving the problem?  For example-the problem is they need to be right all the time and it’s causing a rift in their primary relationship?  What’s the payoff?  Get to be right, and get to have the other person be wrong.  Get rewarded for being right, report cards, awards, praise…Could be this makes the client feel important and is getting attention…This behavior is not working at home.

Whenever you are faced with a problem, you need to think what’s the payoff to this strategy (the plan or recipe) for dealing with the problem.  “well that didn’t work-we wouldn’t want to do that again, would you?”


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