NLP-what is it anyway? Part Two

miscommunicationNLP is a way to look at communication and my question is always-“how can I use this tool in my coaching?  There is no doubt in my mind that being aware of how we take in information will help me identity which method of giving information is being used.  There is the Visual learner-pictures, graphs,visual representations are dominant.  Word choice gives clues.  ” How does that look to you?”  “It appears that…””Then, there’s Auditory-taking information in through sound ,look at word choice,too… I’m Visual with Kinesthetic as well…We’ll discuss this shortly.  The languageing around your internal representation of reality-  “I see your point” vs.  “Sounds familiar”.  “I hear you.” “That sounds reasonable.”…” That rings a bell…””…music to my ears!”

Kinesthetic is all about feelings.  How does it feel?  I need to put my finger on it.  I’ll be in touch…Auditory-Digital is what you say to yourself about any given situation.  “What do you think ?”is a great question and truly represents what’s happening.

As a former teacher and counselor turned coach, the importance of this concept cannot be over emphasized.  People are rarely one modality but rather, a combination of 2 or more.  I try to address all the different ways of taking in information in my coaching. Part Three  we will be talking about patterns.

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