Writers’ Block-How to beat it!

confedd womanAs an author, there is nothing to dampen your writing spirit by just not coming up with a single sentence!  When Writers” Block rears it’s ugly head…This is what works for me…

Change your location.  Get up move around, jog i place, dance to music, in training, it’s a State Change.  Isn’t that what you’re doing?

Last resort is I take a walk outside, but I try to stay nearby if I’m suddenly inspired!

webI write just about everything by the computer.  I don’t write. I input. In a 60 minutes segment, it’s when Andy Rooney closed the show…He said that he feels writers lose something by not writing in longhand or having to retype ( as using a typewriter) the novel or really, any book, over and over embellishing an enhancing the story.  It caused a better draft and a better book.  Huh.

Answer a friend on Facebook, but if you’re the type to spend hours on social media…Not a great plan.

Free write.writing-book

“I can’t believe I can’t think of what to write. this is a silly way..” .Sometimes, just the mere act of inputting sparks something and words start to flow!

Outline what you want o say or draw your ideas.  Even if it’s stick figures…draw!  Being creative in another medium may get those creative juices flowing.

Or I truly get up and leave setting an alarm for 45 minutes.  So, I’ll know to resume my writing!

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