The” real skinny” about writing a book!

midlife_2There’s my book (coming out for the Holidays) “Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!” Gotta get that in whenever I can…and the perfect segue… There are basically 3 Top Marketing reasons given for having a book for sale…

Inspire-You have a message you want to share.  You really , truly want to help others by sharing that message.  What is the best way to do that?

Desire-You want to get that message out…Have everybody buy your book!  This is your path to being a NY Times Bestseller and on Amazon-choose your categories well!

Acquire- Even the word has a negative connotation!  But, in truth, it’s where authors end up Speaking and offering more-coaching programs or an audio of the book or some other, usually,a flagship product.  The book lends credibility. You are an expert on your topic!

You can also use your book as a business card.  Give to event planners.  When you want to do radio/TV or even for print media, contact ad begin your “pitch” it first with…I am the author of….Send the book to media you know, like and trust.  Don’t send your book to everyone, you’ll go broke!

I donate a book for a raffles at a fundraiser and try to attend the event.  Doorprizes are a great way to spread the word about your book.

But, regardless of why you’re writing a book…Start by writing! 🙂

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