Author 101, I highly recommend it!

booksFour days ago, I was in LA-I was awarded an EIPPY for a book I contributed to hitting Bestseller, “The Big Idea Book”!  You can get them through me,  Just drop me a line- $20 and shipping is included!

What I really am dying to tell you about is Author 101.  It was for three days-full ones, as in bring snacks & plenty of water…Three whole days on Radio/TV guest spots-how to get them & what to say.  The importance of doing video was stressed and had a YouTube success story-he sold 50,000 books!

There were seasoned authors and just writers who want to be authors and everything in between!  We were able to listen to panels of literary agents and in a speed dating fashion, you got to sped pitch your book ideas or actual manuscript!

The pros & cons of traditional publishing, using create space or some other to self-publish or a hybrid POD-Publish on demand, publisher…Some extremely lucky & talented authors walk out with book deals, most don’t.  You make excellent contacts/connections. I’m friending folks I met and have their cards to further the connection.  Rick Frishman created this event and has 35+ years in Publishing.

I think I found my publisher, Perfect Publishing-back in Maryland where I am!  Ken Rochon, the Founder of Perfect Publishing, was one of the first people I saw…It took us to be in LA to reconnect!  How funny is that? 🙂

Authors from ten years to ninety were there. I came away inspired.  Ken Source of Lead Gen talked about online marketing…He had a Campaign Organizer for us to do at home and give to him.  He’ll critique your online presence. He so inspired me-I was up at 6am filling out the Organizer!

He also showed me how to do Facebook Live and I committed to doing at least one video each day til April 6, 2017,  Author 101 is at Hyatt Regency in LA near LAX!  The rooms are gorgeous and in the process of refurbishing the hotel!

I’ll see ya there! April 6-8, 2017.  LeadGen event is day before, then go to Author 101 for FREE!


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