Everyone deserves a Coach, a Mentor and a Mastermind! Don’t you?


confused guymasterminding

Jim Rohn said that the 5 people that you surround yourself have direct impact on your net worth/income!

So, we should surround ourselves with positive , successful people!  It is said that a person needs, in order to be successful, at least one coach, two is the best.  You should also have a Mentor.  I have two-one in my field and another in another industry, in his case, Real Estate.  Who can say I won’t invest in real estate some time!  Aslo, I have two Mastermind groups-I’m an overachiever…You only need one.  But one, I’m taking a leadership role in!  The other regularly puts me in touch with Multimillionaire mentors!

You guessed it-Global Mastermind from New Peaks.  The level of support and weekly calls with mentors with valuable information and a closed Facebook group to exchange ideas makes it a “must do”.  I get no kickback for saying this…I just want to share this!

So, the question is who are your five?!

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