Five Painless Marketing Tricks!

confedd womanTomorrow, I go to Mission To Millions-Life Directions in Orlando.  I’m going as a Coach with New Peaks that amazing Personal Development & Training Company-largest in North America and in many countries as

I resolved a blog issue-Sarah W. was outstanding at WordPress.  Got manicure-after Orlando, I fly to LA-get an award for book for which I contributed a chapter then go to Author 101 and get to pitch my new book, “What the Bleep Is Wrong With Me??!”  about my journey to a diagnosis and starting a business at same time!

Who knows-may find a publisher!

Also thinking of what I can do to market my coaching business while away…

  • Sending out my newsletter….Hurray for my Virtual Assistant-but I can do it anywhere, too.
  • Leverage your know-how!  Lead workshops, create talks…you choose a date 6 weeks ahead and send announcement to register. Technology allows you to do this from anywhere!
  • look at online Networking groups and can keep up through social media-can create an event page for your workshops/webinars.
  • Can network with folks at the courses or meetings you attend-find them on LinkedIn/Facebook.
  • Be thrilled about your target market-love what you do and who you serve!

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