Transition Cycle (part 1)

clockThis is the first installment in a four part series on different types of transitions.  Transitions rarely come in neat boxes and often,more than one transition is happening at the same time.  You can think of transition as a process for how you deal with change.Some examples of transitions are

  • Divorce or separation
  • losing a job or being laid off or fired
  • change of job/career
  • a son/daughter leaves the home for college or work (empty nest)
  • health of a loved one or yourself decreases
  • promotion to a new job
  • getting married or living together
  • your child begins school
  • retirement of your spouse who is underfoot more or your own retirement
  • lifestyle changes such as trying to quit smoking/drinking or weight loss and eating more healthy
  • increased or decreased responsibility at work
  • starting or continuing entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Transitions are usually easier if we’re in control of the changes.  When it’s out of your control, more issues present themselves.  But any type of change will often evoke feelings of anxiety, self-worthiness-(example-am I worthy?)  Feelings of excitement, fear, foreboding and uncertainty are often common.  Each phase comes with different fears.


Adapted from my book, “Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!”  Available on Kindle!

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