What I’ve learned while being an exhibitor/speaker at an event.

Whew, the event is over.  Time to break down the table, roll up the banner and pack up the boxes!  It was a great day.  Now’s the time to review and think what I’ve learned.One of the best things I’ve learned is that it’s a great time to build relationships with the other vendors.  I got two radio interviews and a speaking engagement!  I also got a bunch of solid leads.  Most people are willing to help!  I went to take a picture by my phone & left it on neighboring seat!  I was frantic!  Another exhibitor turned it in!  I flew to Registration.  Voila!  My phone was found and returned to me!  Whew!

You are responsible for your audience-invite as many as possible!  On average,you get 3-5-% response out of one hundred! also, when you contract with company hosting the event, read the fine print.  Several vendors assumed the event would supply extension cords.  A few vendors had to run to Walmart and felt rushed during the set up 2 hour window.

Plan out your booth ahead of time…Prepare all your marketing materials a week ahead of time!  Less stress!  I was printing til day of and my printer ran out of ink, requiring a quick purchase run.  Take it from me, plan ahead!  Plan for something to go wrong so you have a cushion in your schedule.  Have fun, make some sales, capture contact info of every person who stops by your booth through raffle & my newsletter sign up.  Smile.  Everything is energy!  Project positive vibrations.  It makes a difference!

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