Florence Foster Jenkins & passion!

florene-foster-jenkinsI saw a delightful film on Florence.  She was the World’s Worst Singer! But she was passionate about music and the opera.  She fancied herself a coloratura soprano.  She played Carnegie Hall after several recitals-where “true music lovers” were paid to attend.  See the movie.

But, that’s not why I told you of this-not to sell movie tickets, but, rather to talk about the role passion plays in any endeavor.  Certainly, what you do, an employee or entrepreneur…being passionate about what you do is vital to your sense of purpose.

For Florence, it was music and her belief she had a gift and owed it to perform.  She had a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning!

Now, in her case, the belief was a figment of her imagination.  But she sung her heart out!

I ask my clients -what would excite them to get to see at 6am…Some are interested in personal development, others want business know-how, still others have a hobby they are passionate about and some just don’t know.

All are equally fine answers.  Studies show human beings need a purpose.  I believe everyone can love what they do-in both their life and work, in that order!


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