What’s the Women’s Expo and why should I go?

MANL NowAn Expo is an opportunity to hear speakers and learn about products and services that will bring you fulfillment in your life!  The Women;s Expo is for women and the men who love them!  Go to womensexpomd.com

You will see a list of exhibitors with their contact/web site information. It’s at CCBC in Catonsville, MD on October 2, 2016 12-4pm.  There’s also outdoor activities and a circle of various food trucks called “The Gathering” and an antique car show!

This is its 15th anniversary and is an Award-winning event.  I’ll be speaking on “Navigating Life’s Choices”.  I’m also an exhibitor and will have several of my books on sale-$10, a Women’s Expo Special

Being in the Women’s Expo is a commitment.  I decided-if I’m going to do it…I’ll do it right.  I’ve ordered a retractable banner and my table will have different levels to make it interesting.  I’ve also decided to do a raffle and give away an hour individual coaching session with me and a self-assessment and professional Interpretation by a Behavioral Specialist.

Some exhibitors wear T-shirts with the company logo…I’m going to save that for next year!

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