Getting back to work after health challenges

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(Apologies, been way ill and lots of health challenges-on the mend now…)

Being away for health reasons really is horrid.  Opening a ridiculously large amount of emails, lousy and I have two.  I know…most people nowadays are in the same boat!

But this last challenge taught me about human nature and myself. Do you ever feel you’ve got the world on your shoulders?

I feel better so,of course, I’ll start with purging my emails…Then, I’ll do 8 blog posts, check out and change my website, update my profiles for Social Media, and…

Word to the wise, start small.  I purged 100 emails!  Haven’t done it all-trying to make up 2 weeks in 2 days!  And with my disability, I need to not get overwhelmed and doing too much.  Fourteen hour days are not good for me or anyone, for that matter!

Take breaks, stretch, walk around…I work from home and can walk around my neighborhood.  Those employed, walk around your office or the building.  And for any career changers/job seekers, this applies to you, too.

I’ve been reminded of what I tell my clients-Do a little bit each day-baby steps…

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