Wealth Lessons from Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie and quoteAndrew Carnegie as a poor immigrant that became the richest man of the world of his time-1890’s-1914 approximately. He was one of the founders of US Steel.  He was a really big deal and great philanthropist.  I was skimming some information about successful and wealthy people.  Some of his business philosophies stood out.

  1. He believed in eternal optimism and claimed that trait alone made him millions!  Now, I’m not saying all will be positive and sunshine.  I tell my clients-there will be obstacles.   You choose your attitude!  Carnegie’s way of seeing the world was positive…good advice.  Maybe we can become millionaires!
  2. Grab opportunities.  He believed in getting it done now!  I’m not saying cash in your IRA & play the stock market.  In no way would I offer financial advice!Weigh risk vs. opportunity.
  3. Carnegie wasn’t a worrier.  Problems never go away if you worry constantly.  Keep the problem in perspective.
  4. I tell many of my clients to state an intention of a positive outcome.  Then, break it down into bite-size pieces.   No worrying.

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