The spirit is willing:3 Things to keep your business running when you’re sick!

An webunplanned illness took me out of the game.  But, as always, while doubled over in pain-stomach issues…on the mend-fingers crossed!

What I’ve learned:

  1. Mobile phones rock!  I kept up with my social media.  Was able to contact any folks to reschedule or cancel any appt. Yay for Facebook Messenger! My clients still were served.  Kept all their appointments.  Used my telephone system, had a SKYPE meeting and a Zoom meeting…No video-not ready for “prime time”!
  2. Due to my website, my posts on Facebook and participation on social media, I still had an Internet presence.
  3. It’s ok to let some things slide.  I just couldn’t think of writing with anything remotely worthwhile…so, I didn’t.
  4. Now, feeling almost “human” again! 🙂  Yay for systems!

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