Soul Over Matter

meditationA new New Peaks event partnered with Master Sha, Soul Over Matter, sounded like combining Eastern Philosophy with Western thought on mindset that New Peaks talks about in all of our classes and permeates all the teachings.

  1.  I like, respect & trust New Peaks to deliver quality programs.
  2. I love to learn and, with my experience with Traditional   Western medicine, you’ll be able to read all about it in my upcoming, “What the Bleep is Wrong with Me?? soon to be published and will launch Dec.8, 2016!

So, I came with an open mind, ready to learn.  They now have a book, Soul & Matter-about financial abundance!  I’m about halfway though and saw this as a good sign of the partnership.

New Peaks and Adam Markel, CEO & Head Trainer, of New Peaks,emphasizes that your mindset is your lens/guides your thoughts about you and the world.  If you believe you’re a failure and can never make a good income, it’s unlikely that you will.  Fundamental core beliefs must change in order to achieve success.  All the courses while teaching you Business, Marketing and the positive messages we re-frame  into positive thoughts from the potentially damaging ones. You can see Adam and New Peaks on YouTube.

Master Sha brought about 200 students, Divine Healers and Masters permeated the ~150 Peaks students.  His teachings about how the mind is part of the soul & body. And when they are out of balance, many things are a result of bad karma.  This must be cleansed by him doing, only words he can do.  He gets direct downloads from God/Higher Power or Source.  There are YouTube videos on him, too.

There were chants and songs of love and peace.  But, there was also an undercurrent of indoctrination.  His cleansings and divine calls are not cheap!

New Peaks isn’t cheap, either.  But, they don’t claim you can only get this training from New Peaks or Adam, himself!   Master Sha baldly stated that he was the ONLY one soul- healer(not God?) that will allow it. He will cleanse 50 thousand lives -ancestors whose misdeeds may cause us harm later by giving negative, I am lost-cannot read between the lines!

It is with very mixed feelings that I think back on our time! :Was it wasted?  About 20 New Peaks left, all clear, they felt strongly that this was not for them.  Many felt cheated-so not a New Peaks event!  Adam & Master Sha did not share the stage.  It was Master Sha’s show.

New Peaks courses have made a huge difference in my life!  I would highly recommend almost all of their offerings.


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