Wealth Lessons from Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie as a poor immigrant that became the richest man of the world of his time-1890’s-1914 approximately. He was one of the founders of US Steel.  He was a really big deal and great philanthropist.  I was skimming some … Continue reading

The spirit is willing:3 Things to keep your business running when you’re sick!

An unplanned illness took me out of the game.  But, as always, while doubled over in pain-stomach issues…on the mend-fingers crossed! What I’ve learned: Mobile phones rock!  I kept up with my social media.  Was able to contact any folks … Continue reading

Today is my birthday! The changes I’ve seen…

I am 55 today  This is a time for reflection.  I’ve held an 8 Track player-well, really, my boom box-that big thing in “Say Anything”.  I saw The Flintstones, Gilligan’s Island  the Moon walk all in prime time!  I’ve held … Continue reading

Soul Over Matter

A new New Peaks event partnered with Master Sha, Soul Over Matter, sounded like combining Eastern Philosophy with Western thought on mindset that New Peaks talks about in all of our classes and permeates all the teachings.  I like, respect … Continue reading

Life is a manicure/pedicure!

I went a nail spa and got a manicure/pedicure.  A pedicure is torture for me…see, I’m ticklish!  I also wear sandals so, I get maybe 3 pedicures per summer. So naturally, I try to ignore what is being done to … Continue reading