Rituals-Daily Practices

meditationWe all have rituals in our lives-coffee every morning, some read a daily affirmation while others write their trusty to-do list.  I do all 3-except for the coffee,I drink a smoothie with good healthy stuff in it.  But, many books state that a daily ritual can begin to put you in action to change your life!

I’m not looking for a major change nor does it have to be for you,.  This 21 Day Pivot Plan in “Pivot” by Adam Markel, brought me back to keeping my promise to myself to take action,.  The First step is instilling a good habit.  It takes approximately 21 days to create a habit and another 21+ days to get rid of a habit that is not helping you.

I just completed my 23rd day.  I set my alarm for 30-45 mins. before I need to get up.  Some people do an hour.  I need my rest!  But, I get up, plant my feet firmly on the floor and declare”I love my life!”.  That’s from New Peaks, the Personal Development courses I speak of so highly.

My daily ritual begins with me finding a quiet place-I have a 2nd floor porch swing-I like nature.  You can do this indoors as well-just quiet and no distractions are the ideal.  I write kind of daily rules to live by and read them aloud each day thereafter.  “I experience abundance today.” for example-start with “I experience…”

Next, I read belief statements I’ve previously written.  “I am enough.” “There is more than enough for everyone.”  “i am a teacher, I have important information to share.” Write down your beliefs around money, what you love to do…”I am worthy>” is always one of our top fears that we need to counteract with a positive statement.

Now, I’m not a “woo-woo” kind of person.  I have been on my own self-development journey for about 3 years now.  I, by no means do I think I’m the authority on any of this!  I’ve prepared resources I recommend on the upper right!

After I’ve read out loud my 10 beliefs, then, I meditate.  I’m lousy at this.  My mind runs, random thoughts intrude, song lyrics pop in my head…But, I remain still and try to concentrate on my breath and silence the mind chatter.

Sometimes the time, I choose 15 minutes, but, I know people that do an hour!  Start slowly at 3-5 minutes and gradually increase to the point you choose.  There is no right or wrong way!

I then write in my journal.  I keep track of the days and how my meditation went.  Could I just concentrate on my breathing?  Was there an overwhelming amount of mind chatter?  What am I worried or stressed about?  My journal is my way of reflecting on my daily ritual.

Some say you should have a nightly ritual, too.  As I tell my coaching clients to do, I keep a gratitude journal 35 things you’re grateful for and one goal.  One of my goals is to be a Trainer for New Peaks.  So, that’s the goal I write down.  Write as if you already have or are this.  I have ten thousand dollars in the bank., for example.  I am a trainer with New Peaks…

Journaling can re3ally be helpful-to write down your thoughts and feelings as well as ideas.  I find I’m more creative and think up new coaching programs and book titles.

Now, I’m an entrepreneur and can schedule my time accordingly.  Those of you employed can do this as well.  Especially, if you want to make changes, this is a great way to start!

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