Confusion can be good!

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I used to work in a college career center and saw many undecided students. I heard the ultimate question, What am I gonna be when I grow up?  My advice was to “test the waters”, take a class in that area, talk to others…I’d also ask them what they don’t like. I call this the challenge of knowing.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of process of elimination and that takes research. Ask yourself-what do you love to do?  What would get you up 7am on a Saturday to attend a program in… Fast forward to today, as an entrepreneur or wannabe and apply the same principles.  No, you don’t need to start a business in everything!

As a Transformation Expert & Business/Career Development Coach, I applied a similar philosophy in deciding what aspect of coaching I loved.  Changing Lives is more important than anything!  Now, earning what I’m worth and making a very healthy income is up there, too.  I often hear from my clients, “I hate my job-it’s going nowhere…I want to start a business!”

Great.  What kind of business?  Silence.  Ah, the challenge of not knowing. Confusion is good and often necessary.  First of all, don’t quit your day job.  Take small steps, (”pivots”). Everyone should read, “Pivot-The Art & Science of Changing Your Life & Career” by Adam Markel, CEO of New Peaks They’re a Personal Development Training Company, the largest in North America and has programs world-wide. When you buy Pivot, you get 2 VIP passes  to attend a Reignite, a great program to set you on your way to success!   FREE!   Just buy the book!  You’ve probably read of my many great experiences as a result of attending their courses…Phenomenal!

I talked about researching the industry you want to go into…But, even more important…Ask yourself what’s my WHY?  The ultimate reason you are or want to be an entrepreneur.  My why is making a difference in others’ lives by having the lifestyle that allows me and my family to travel.  That’s my WHY.  By having this, I’ll be financially free to have a villa in Tuscany or a beach house and my husband won’t have to work so hard!  So, what’s your why?

There must be a compelling reason you want to be an entrepreneur.  Is it your passion?  This will sustain you when life throws you a curve ball and you reach a roadblock…It will happen so you must be prepared.

I’m a big believer in setting goals.  Yes, they’re in your business plan.  Now, instead of college students, I primarily work with midlife women.   Midlife is a state of mind…I always talk of setting goals.  It’s your GPS to tell you how to get to your destination.  Now, a goal not written down is a wish.  Write them down.  It aids in the quest to be clear on what you want.

Once they’re written down, you can go on doing what you were doing, right? Wrong.  Read your goals daily so you keep them front and center.  Make this a daily ritual.  I use the app Calm to get myself in a peaceful, positive frame of mind.  Nourish your mind with positive affirmations-this will help you bring about your desired results.  This takes a little research as to what you like best.

We come full-circle back to my undecided student-like the student, find your passion, do the research and you can answer the question,

What am I going to be, when I grow up?  It’s a question for any age!

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