Keys to Success

Think & Grow RichSuccess isn’t one thing.  But, success begins with why?  For what reason are you striving for success?  Being successful is more than being wealthy…I want that too, but there must be more than making lots of money.  I want to be happy, love what I’m doing and get paid for the value I provide.


That, the helping other  people, often-often,midlife women, achieve their dreams, that keeps me motivated!

I find successful people keep themselves motivated.  They follow it up with Action.  Successful people look for and create opportunities.  They maintain a balance between working on their business and taking time off.

Successful people are in gratitude every day and believe in their success. They take action.  They choose to stay motivated and acting as if…

Successful people work and play hard.  They celebrate every win/success.  This motivates you to achieve goals and continue taking action.

Successful people not only set goals-they write them down.  Both Napoleon Hill in his classic, Think and Grow Rich and Stephen Covey’s Seven habits of Highly Successful People both discuss this.  Get these and other books I recommend in the Recommended Reading to right on this blog page.

Successful people know they need to “unplug”, take some R&R and have fun!

“Life is a journey, not a destination”  Successful people know this and invest in learning and growing along the journey!

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