How to create win-wins.

HandshakeThis is the goal.  Both sides are happy-a win-win situation.  But, what went on “behind the scenes” to make that result?

Here are are 3  ways to create win-win situations.

  1. Find out what the other person wants and determine what exactly it is you want when negotiating this situation.

Your goal is for each person to feel like they won. Both you and, more importantly, he/she will feel better.

2.  Make concessions-those items you can live without but  the other person thinks you want.  That way when they see you giving up something, they’ll be more inclined to you have something you really want.

There needs to be a give and take so both feel comfortable they go the better deal.  That’s basic Negotiating 101.

Put it in the context of a job candidate discussing salary with a potential employer, reach for the highest 6 weeks ‘ vacation, for example…They negotiate down to 4 and a higher salary-one gave up 2 weeks and the other upped the salary…even though, the job candidate would’ve taken 2 weeks!

I’ve seen it happen.  Some of my career transititioner clients have used these tactics successfully.


But, that’s what they are…tactics.

I prefer a scenario where I’m approaching someone with a big list who really doesn’t have time to do all the marketing pieces.  Would you entertain the idea of beeing a guest on my podcast?  All you’d have to do is send the announcement to your list.  I’ll do the rest.  Marketing on social media promoting to my list of 800 and she’s got 8000!  I’ve got the energy and will take care of everything else!

This is more authentic and in line with my values.  Make it easy for the other person to say yes!

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