It’s Independence Day! Not for Solopreneurs!

fireworksIndependence is a great concept.  Great holiday-I love fireworks! Our rugged sense of individualism and being independent can shoot us in the foot!  For us entrepreneurs, especially those who work alone-as in only you as employee, janitor and CEO.   Being isolated and independent can often stunt the growth of your business and even your life!

They say, “no man is an island”…Yet, somehow we applaud each one us saying”I did it My Way!”  Really?   I was recently watching an awards show-they may have won the award but a ton of people helped!  You get more and greater things done when you have a team behind you.

In business, it’s called leverage- For example:  putting on a teleconference with you as the expert and interviewing 2 guests known in internet marketing..So  each one promotes the call to their lists so, instead of one person trying to get the word out, you now have all three-leverage.

Here’s another example NOT internet-based… A restaurant giving out the corner hair salon’s 10 % off on a haircut and the hair salon giving out by one get 2nd entree half price for the restaurant.  Result both establishments get more customers!  Leverage!  Doing more with less effort and creating a win-win situation.  The restaurant and the hair salon are in a Joint Venture.

Independence isn’t always the best thing!  Sign up for my “Live With Passion” 45 minutes by phone/SKYPE!  Get more clarity and a Jump start  Action plan to start living the life of your dreams!

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