You Made Your Story Up!

storytellerStories are a part of the human experience.  Everyone loves a good story Stories are used to emphasize a point and often, to market a product or service.  Sometimes the stories are true…Some are made up!

We tell ourselves all the time- and often hold limiting beliefs attached to story.  One of my clients is so very positive for others, but constantly berates herself-a new skill?  “You’ll never get it-remember that time…”  Those stories no longer serves you.  That’s the past.  Let it go.

You get to rewrite your story-you are smart and can learn new things.  If we’re making it up anyway…Why not re-frame those negative thoughts and let that thought  be helpful, not tear you down, but empower you..” I am capable of learning new things”-it’s the can – dos that make the difference.  You get to choose-dis-empowering or honest evaluation of that particular piece of information.

Remember, today you woke up, some didn’t.  “Life is a gift-That’s we call it the present.”  not sure who first said this! And the point is…

Why waste time internalizing negatives that do not serve you?  Thoughts lead to feelings.  So, thinking “I’m too stupid to figure this out!”  Feelings lead to Actions-so the feelings that previous statement evokes-I’m worthless-why bother? I’m afraid of feeling stupid…Are you going to take action-doubtful.

Let’s turn it around “I know I can figure this out, but I also can ask Mark, if I get ‘stuck”, as he’s great with technology.  How likely is it  that you’ll take action?  Change the story-your life will change.  Contact me for your complimentary “Live With Passion” Discovery session by phone or skype. Sign up at

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