Time Management There IS time!

clockmelting clockThe one thing everybody has is time.  We all have 24 hours each of the seven days.  You can’t borrow or lend time.  We often use the excuse of “I can’t do this or that because I just don’t have the time.

I have nspent countless hours reading studying Time management and our perception of time.  In my recommended books to your upper right, I’ve listed a few.  Recently, I’ve been reading Christian Michelsen www.christianmichelsen.com/time-abundance.  He echoes what I often say to my clients.  There is always time.  It’s what you choose to do with that precious commodity that makes the difference!

I take my clients through a simple time tracking-  They record fr a work week-five days, what they do with their time.  Often, they find out they’re not “working all the time”!  A very simple thing to do when you allocate time or a project, allow for it to take twice as long!  Then, you won’t feel rushed and take one action every day.

A great example is I’m compiling all the chapters I’ve written in several notebooks as I am flying.  I’ve got a stack.  Now, I always carry one notebook to write down the sentences that will make up chapters for my book.-hindsight is 20/20!  For now, I have a pile of notebooks to transcribe.

Rather than tackle this as a whole-break it up into doable bite-size pieces.  First, got books out.  Next do one chapter.  Actually, let’s chunk down.  Write one sentence…then another…then another…  Use a timer-there are timers on your phone-choose the app best for you.  I do 10 minute increments and then maybe 3 times ten + thirty minutes, I’ll devote to writing the one, two or however many in that thirty minutes.

Make a conscious effort not to blame that you don’t have enough time.  It’s an excuse.  ” I choose to put my focus on other things…That’s really what you’re saying…right?

My favorite is not to waste time or the need to kill time. If I have to stand in line,  I’ll read in line.  Some decompress with exercise and workout. Others watch TV or play computer games.  We all do this.

Why is some time more valuable?

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