How I Got To Be An International Bestselling Author!

Yippee-about 4pm today,our book got International Bestseller!

I’d like to say it was painless…It was the result of social media.  It began weeks ago, when I posted I was one of the authors and it would be on Amazon-today.  This is our Virtual Book Launch.  I emailed friends, used Facebook to contact folks,  and posted on my business page,too.

And,of course, on this blog

14 personal stories on how it’s done! Find out in #ManifestingaNewLife: Your Magical Guide to Attracting the life that you want!

Now, it’s a great book-for anyone in transition and just wanting to change their life, or as a friend says, ” change the story.”

We are fourteen authors and all of us did this social media blitz.  But, anyone can do this-if you’re creative.  Why not get 10-12 friends to help you promote your book?

Decide on your Virtual Book Launch Day-when you share the Amazon link.  You’ve already downloaded to Amazon.  (Check Amazon instructions and policies.)

Let me know when you’re book comes out!


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