Mastery Self Expression-should I attend? (Part 2)

larrygilmanMastery Self Expression by Larry Gilman is an absolute yes, you should attend!  It promotes risk-taking and stepping out of your comfort zone. And we did.  We started out as twelve apprehensive and somewhat nervous individuals.  Two days later, we were family!

The workshop really emphasizes personal responsibility, being open,and willing to be vulnerable.  The brochure for Mastery Self Expression talks of setting up an environment of trust.  Larry Gilman inspires you to reach within-you know to trust him and the process.  Henry J. Mah co-facilitated.  He is a gifted actor/writer and held the space, along with Larry, so we could play and discover our limits and what we tell ourselves are those limits. Many are just thoughts-neither good or bad…He encouraged us to connect to our audience.  Stand in our own power and be emotional or not.  It was completely up to the individual.,personal development

I can only share my experience.  It was profound-one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken!  Knowing me, who is very much a personal development “junkie”, that is high praise indeed.  The group is continuing to reach out, mostly by email…almost daily.

So, what’s changed?  My attitude.  I’m getting more accomplished and since it’s a week since I was there, ideas are still percolating.  Isn’t that what you want a workshop to do?

Love to hear your experiences and comments!

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