Mastery Self Expression-impressions-Should you attend?

Ah...Freedom-automation & VAs!

Ah…Freedom-automation & VAs!

Mastery Self Expression Self Expression is a brilliant and hugely experiential.! Obviously, it was so impactful affecting every aspect of Life… Thank you,Larry Gilman, Henry J. Mah and Emily Nakai and all the the A-team!

And yes, you should attend!  It’s a microcosm of life in 3 days-a weekend.  Twelve students arrived not knowing what they signed up for!  Friends had referred them, a boss paid for her employee to attend this highly experiential program. The goal being able to express ourselves more clearly and thus being more authentic and creative.  We were encouraged to dream of 5, 10, 20 years in future.  The workshop is to get rid of past anger that limits our communication in the world. Sun, we’d be given that opportunity to dream.  But this journey all started Friday night.

That Friday night , we were twelve separate human beings and the evening centered on what we hope to come away with, basically,  Why we were there?  And really, isn’t that the ultimate question?(part 2 soon will be out!)  Stay tuned!  Tell me about a workshop that inspired you.

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