3 Tips of successful entrepreneurs

entrepreneurI think I’ve been reading and going to webinars since I began being an entrepreneur!  There is sooo much information out there , free and not free- it’s quite overwhelming!  I’ve even taken ones on overwhelm.  Then, as with everything I learn, then I teach it through teleclasses, articles and this blog!

Now, I’ve distilled 3 tips for being a successful entrepreneur.

  1.  Whenever you can , systematize!  Your lead generation, auto responders, scheduling software and the emails you send to your list ie. newsletters emails that have content your subscribers can use or marketing campaigns with special sales and discounts.  There are systems that do most of these things.Systems are a way to beat overwhelm!
  2.  Sometimes, you need to make an investment in yourself.  Do your research.  Attend a free teleclass or webinar, read articles and evaluate if this author resonates with you.  That’s exactly what I did when I hired my coach.  I’ve taken some programs over the years.  Whenever you make a decision to buy big-ticket item, for example, a car, you research, ask others, read reviews and take it for a test-drive.  Going to a free webinar is just that.
  3.  Set a time-dependent goal.  Goals can make the difference between success and failure.
  4. -BONUS-Take ACTION.  You set all the goals in the world.  If they stay in a drawer and are never consulted so you know, what to DO next…Why bother?

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