Free ebook when you do 45 min call “Live With Passion” session!

I’m offering for free in exchange for giving me 45 min. so I can conduct your “Live With Passion” Discovery session by phone.  You’ll get clarity, beginning Action Plan,a Transformation Expert/Career/Business Coach providing undivided attention and help  with manifesting the … Continue reading

How I Got To Be An International Bestselling Author!

Yippee-about 4pm today,our book got International Bestseller! I’d like to say it was painless…It was the result of social media.  It began weeks ago, when I posted I was one of the authors and it would be on Amazon-today.  This … Continue reading

The book is out shortly! Manifesting A New Life: Your Magical Guide to Attracting the Life You Want!

I’m very psyched.  Not just because I’m a Co-Author…The topic of maifesting is fascinating.  It’s about the Law of Attraction.  Now, it’s important that I talk about taking action.  Some people think that all they have to do is think … Continue reading

Mastery Self Expression-should I attend? (Part 2)

Mastery Self Expression by Larry Gilman is an absolute yes, you should attend!  It promotes risk-taking and stepping out of your comfort zone. And we did.  We started out as twelve apprehensive and somewhat nervous individuals.  Two days later, we … Continue reading

Mastery Self Expression-impressions-Should you attend?

Mastery Self Expression Self Expression is a brilliant and hugely experiential.! Obviously, it was so impactful affecting every aspect of Life… Thank you,Larry Gilman, Henry J. Mah and Emily Nakai and all the the A-team! And yes, you should attend!  … Continue reading

3 Tips of successful entrepreneurs

I think I’ve been reading and going to webinars since I began being an entrepreneur!  There is sooo much information out there , free and not free- it’s quite overwhelming!  I’ve even taken ones on overwhelm.  Then, as with everything … Continue reading