Celebrate! It’s National Wine Day!

WineIt’s National Wine Day!  I was going home, listening to the radio…This holiday was mentioned.  How appropriate to fall on a Wednesday,Hump Day!  This day, you can feel downright smug and enjoy a glass or two red wine- hey, it’s healthy for you!

Did you that wine drinkers tend to live longer than either bee drinkers or those hard liquor only fans. Forget that 20-year old scotch-try a Cabernet!

Wine bars are cropping up all over-it’s relaxing chatting over a Zinfandel.  And it’s easier in most but the neighborhood bar on the corner, to get a decent glass of wine.

I’m no connoisseur.  I tend to semi-sweet, a white Zinfandel or gerverztraminer or something like that.  I went wine-tasting in upstate NY-fun!  She was the designated driver-so I as the taster.  I had instructions to taste dry white wines.  Whatever I hated, she wanted a case!  If it was dry as dust to me, she knew she’d love it!

Kevin Atticks has written a series for Maryland,Pennsylvania and New Jersey and the vineyards that produce some great wines.  He’s a Professor now in Communications and wrote these while a student at Loyola College hen I was in the Career Center there.  I also recommend the Watkins Glen are in upstate, NY and the Lake Cayuga area there as well.

You’ll have to excuse me.  I must raise a glass to National Wine Day.  Cheers!

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