Help! My finances need coaching!

piggy bankThese are the actual words one of my business coaching clients said.  Now, she was partially joking, but I work with my clients around aspects of their business and their life!  You may think to yourself, “that’s why she’s in financial distress, she’s paying for a coach!”   She’s investing in herself.  She’s tried to go it alone and it’s not worked.  First, we put her on a budget after creating a business and marketing plan.

We, then got her to start keeping track of her monthly expenses-getting in the mindset of where her money goes.  She loves movies and eating out with friends.  It’s important not to cut out her entertainment entirely,like a crash diet that is a temporary fix, if it works at all,it doesn’t work long-term.  She goes to matinees (less expensive) and has friends over to watch a movie on Netflix or Amazon, then,they have a potluck dinner-everyone brings a dish.  She’s saving as well as her friends!  It’s a win-win!

Once she got her finances  in check, we were able to tackle other less tangible aspects of her life.

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