Blogging-what do I write about?


blogBlogging is a great way to communicate and get your message out.  I’ve been blogging on & off since 2006-7.  And changes have occurred along the way.  First off, a blog is a web site and Google loves blogs as there’s new content being written which results in more information getting “out there”, which results in higher search rankings…A win-win for all!.

I often am asked what to write.  How often to post?  I shoot for 2-3 times/week…Barring illnesses.  It seems I just make plans to blog, but my body needs to heal.  Don’t beat yourself up, ok?  Where do you get stuff to write about?  I love to read, industry magazines, go to lots of trainings…have a subscription to USA Today…


Have a theme to your blog.  Mine is loosely based on Transitions that occur in life-I talk of what my experience is-being in transition. I also coach midlife people, mostly women, and share their stories, anonymously, of course.  Word Press has ready made designs you can choose from or upload a custom heading to your blog.

The most important thing to rember is to write about what’s important in your world.   Yes, keywords matter but, more imporantly, your words reflect you or your business.  Don’t compromise your integrity!

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