NLP-more than a communication tool!

Neuro-linguistic Programming, (NLP) is a communication tool, but so much more!  NLP  is not therapy.  If psychological therapy can be considered as focusing on what’s wrong…NLP focuses on what’s right!  As the trainer and NLP master who I trained under for 4 days-Johnnie Cass states, “NLP is a set of designed specific techniques that deliberately restructure toward positive functioning.  NLP offers highly refined tools to take charge of  every area of your life by aligning the unconscious mind with the conscious mind.”

When you go to a training, you expect to learn new tools for your toolbox!  You don;t expect breakthroughs.  I witnessed many “Aha Moments” both in others and in myself.  I feel confident I can go into the world a better coach and human being. NLP Mastery by New Peaks Words cannot express!

Actions can.  I’m offering a complimentary 45 min. “Live With Passion Discovery session” by phone.  I’m setting up scheduling software to schedule on your own, without me..But, for now,email me or call 410-303-6371.  Mornings and evening appointments. available!

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