Gossip-How To Combat the “Grapevine”

employees at copy machineGossip is almost impossible to combat-especially, in the workplace.  Memos can go out,in-service trainings can be given on stopping gossip and folks gossip about the Anti-Gossip Training!

Why is gossip such a concern in the workplace?  It saps morale. It fosters rumors and can spread its insidious poison throughout the organization.

Here are 3 ways to control gosip

  1. Provide formal channels for communication: newsletters,memos, bulletin boards-spread information so no one can spread misinformation or gossip.
  2. Go where employees go-put notices up in the lunch areas,the break room and use spontaneous meetings and any social event to get the truthful word out.
  3. It is also important employees know where to air any grievances or questions and concerns.  This way, they won’t have to resort to the “company grapevine” to get the answers.

BONUS-Make sure employees are kept informed-even when the information is negative!


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