What’s a VIP Day?

Everyone wants to considered a VIP.  It’s that sense of belonging to an elite group and being treated specially. A Coaching VIP Day is all that + the opportunity to quickly identify roadblocks/ obstacles, set/refine goals moving forward and harnessing … Continue reading

Celebrate! It’s National Wine Day!

It’s National Wine Day!  I was going home, listening to the radio…This holiday was mentioned.  How appropriate to fall on a Wednesday,Hump Day!  This day, you can feel downright smug and enjoy a glass or two red wine- hey, it’s … Continue reading

Help! My finances need coaching!

These are the actual words one of my business coaching clients said.  Now, she was partially joking, but I work with my clients around aspects of their business and their life!  You may think to yourself, “that’s why she’s in … Continue reading

Blogging-what do I write about?

  Blogging is a great way to communicate and get your message out.  I’ve been blogging on & off since 2006-7.  And changes have occurred along the way.  First off, a blog is a web site and Google loves blogs … Continue reading

NLP-more than a communication tool!

Neuro-linguistic Programming, (NLP) is a communication tool, but so much more!  NLP  is not therapy.  If psychological therapy can be considered as focusing on what’s wrong…NLP focuses on what’s right!  As the trainer and NLP master who I trained under … Continue reading

Gossip-How To Combat the “Grapevine”

Gossip is almost impossible to combat-especially, in the workplace.  Memos can go out,in-service trainings can be given on stopping gossip and folks gossip about the Anti-Gossip Training! Why is gossip such a concern in the workplace?  It saps morale. It … Continue reading

Communication,Part 2-Email

Facebook has surpassed email as primary electronic communication tool.  Don’t fret, email is alive and well and stil is the primary means of electronic communication, but, can often be misused and abused.  How many times will you hear the excuse, … Continue reading